Regardless of whether your mold issue has affected commercial or residential spaces, we are ready to assist you in restoring your property – leveraging seasoned professionals, proven solutions, and top-notch equipment. As a highly trained, professional mold removal company with decades of experience in mold damage restoration, our tested and proven process encompasses the following:

Mold Damage

If a building has experienced water damage or excessive moisture issues, it becomes susceptible to mold growth. Mold comes in thousands of varieties, both outdoors and inside buildings. While all types of mold pose potential risks, they become particularly problematic when allowed to proliferate actively. If you notice signs of mold damage in your home or business premises, it's crucial to take prompt action by having the mold treated and remediated. Doing so will minimize long-term risks to the property itself and improve indoor air quality.

When mold damage is discovered in your property, there are many questions that may spring to mind. For example:

  • Is mold dangerous?
  • What can breathing in mold do?
  • What kills black mold?
  • How much does mold removal cost?

Without the correct assessment and remediation, mold can become dangerous and affect the structural integrity and air quality of your property. As mold specialists, we’ve put together some useful guides on mold damage to help you understand and identify the risks before acting to remove mold.

Identifying Mold

Grasping the nature of mold, how it can cause issues in a property, and recognizing the early indications of a mold problem are crucial first steps toward preventing mold damage. Thousands of mold varieties exist in our everyday surroundings, and the ability to identify the potentially problematic types is essential in averting danger and stopping minor issues from escalating into larger ones.

While mold may initially seem like a small nuisance when it surfaces, neglecting to address it can allow the situation to worsen significantly. Taking the time to understand the various types of mold and how they can manifest themselves within a property could potentially save you considerable time, money, and prevent potential health complications down the line.

The Removal and Remediation of Mold

If mold has impacted your business premises or residence, it’s crucial to ensure its prompt and effective elimination before it can lead to further property damage. Mold removal and remediation entails far more than just washing away visible traces – it necessitates an expert, professional removal and remediation strategy.

Close-up Of A Shocked Woman Looking At Mold On Wall


In commercial properties, particularly in older buildings, high humidity and poor ventilation can be a powerful combination that leads to mold growth.

Mold growth can also stem from various other causes, such as storm damage, plumbing problems, roof issues or seemingly random leaks. At GLADIATORS COMPANY, our mission is to pinpoint and halt mold growth at its source, safely remediating any existing mold while preventing further proliferation. Donning personal protective gear, our skilled technicians clean air ducts and HVAC systems, repair leaks, dehumidify affected areas, and target and eradicate mold issues in both visible and concealed locations.


Prolonged exposure to toxic black mold can increasingly jeopardize your health and that of others. Thus, if you suspect mold presence in your home, office, or commercial building, it's imperative to contact a professional black mold remediation company without delay. Avoid attempting to remove black mold yourself, as that can easily release spores and toxins into the air, fostering further growth. Instead, call upon Gladiators' Company - mold removal experts boasting decades of specialized expertise and experience - for assistance anytime, 24/7.


Finding & Stopping Leaks

The first step in water damage restoration is to identify and stop the source of the leak. This prevents further and ongoing damage.

Reconstruction & Repairs

We initiate the restoration of your water-damaged property, ranging from minor touch-ups to a full demolition and rebuild, with our dedicated construction crew ready to assist.

Cleaning & Disinfecting

Our trained teams promptly clean and disinfect after drying, following industry standards and utilizing protective equipment due to water-borne contamination risks.

Documents & Media Recovery

We utilize vacuum freeze-drying chambers to safely and effectively recover documents crucial for homeowners, hospitals, universities, and other institutions.

Water Extraction

Our trained crews prioritize swift removal of excess water using professional tools. This prevents structural damage and mold growth.

Drying & Dehumidification

We rapidly deploy specialized equipment for drying and dehumidification, preventing mold growth and restoring your property to its pre-damaged state.

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